I rate your office as a 15+. I cannot think of anything going else I would need to be more comfortable. The blankets are the best in this cold time of the year. Thank you
- Rebecca R.


Sarah did an excellent job with Luke today and I liked how she reported to me (his mom) about how he was doing and what he needed to work on.
- Luke R.


No criticism. Loved that Dr. Marler made a personal phone call to me the evening following my 2 1/2 hours of work to check on how I was feeling. VERY nice to hear from him.
- Margaret B.


I think the services rendered were excellent. I do not have any concerns. Thank you so much for the friendly visit and everyone is so helpful.
- Cynthia B.


I love the way your staff takes interest in my kids. It's a choice to continue going there because we live in Buckley. We choose to continue because of the developed relationships. It's a great place if you must go to a dentist! :)
- Julie W.


Never thought I would recommend a Dentist but you have a great staff Doc, and your work is excellent. BTW we found out about you from a school auction which my wife bid on and won about 4 -5 years ago. I would estimate we have spent 10K in Dental services over that period of time( partly due to our age). So IMO that was a great marketing tool. As a small businessman myself I like to see this type of thing be successful.
- Ralph K.


Dr. Marler and his staff are amazing! I love having a dentist that can treat my whole family. My kids literally look forward to their appointments. I attribute this to the care and attention that Dr. Marler and staff provide.
- Shannon T.


Your waiting room is lovely and comfortable but I never have to wait. I didn't even have time to sit down before I was taken back for my cleaning this last visit. You have been very accommodating to my requests and I confident that you will listen to my preferences. Great job!
- Jenny L.


I enjoyed my hygienist, she was very friendly and I felt she went above and beyond her job description.
- Shannon B.


Jim is awesome as usual. Very professional and complete. Everyone is very friendly. The girls in front helped me to make the best choice on how to use my benefits too. Great work everyone.
- Barbara M.


Jim is a great hygenist, and I feel like he is my friend, and this time he really got me laughing. At the dentist office!!!
- Tamara O.


You guys are GREAT! If you decide to move, please let me know, as I will sell my house and relocate accordingly.
- Irwin L.


Best dentist office I have ever visited! Personal care. Sensitive to concerns.
- David S.


Excellent service and professional care, as usual, from both you and Carley. Thank you again.
- James W.


Everyone was pleasant and friendly and I had great experience. Thank you for your service.
- Ludmila L.


I love to be your client and I hope even w/o insurance I keep your services
- Christy D.


Very pleased with everyone at your office. My visits are always comfortable and pleasant. Thank you!
- Latricia W.


All of the staff are awesome! My dental hygienist, I think her name was Carly was the best!!! I am making my next cleaning appointment with her :)
- Geraldine M.


Everyone was great, Carly is exceptionally nice and put me at easy. Will refer everyone to you! Thanks Again!
- Brandon C.


I was impressed by Dr Marler\'s gentle coaching style with Robin, as he instructed her in learning a new procedure. I\'m always impressed with the efficiency of the entire staff.
- Walter C.


Dr. Marler is great! And Jim does such a good job with my cleaning & he is always very friendly & cheerful. I always recommend your office to my family & friends.
- Jeanetta B.


Excellent staff. Jim always explains what is going on and options, recommendations if necessary. Much appreciate the professional and courteous efforts. I believe it is well beyond the service many facilities provide.
- Robert O.